About Me

About Me

I consider myself as nature photographer because most of my photographs are mostly wildlife, landscape and macro subjects. I was born in India and spent most of my childhood in a small town surrounded by lush hills. India had a great impact on my personality and my understanding of humans as part of the ecological balance. I believe that we all are the custodians of the Earth, everything in life should have an equilibrium, and sustainable living is the key to happiness.

I photograph all of my subjects, whether it is sunset on a beach or a miniscule spider, in their natural state, exactly how I discover them. I try not stage, modify and certainly do not cause harm because I am a observer not an intruder. I bring my photographs to you exactly the way I perceive the beauty of nature. My love for the natural environment lead to my passion photography.

Hopefully, I will continue exploring new places, discovering new frames and keep bringing them to you. I hope these pictures bring you happiness and appreciation of nature’s beauty every time you see them. Apart from photographing my environment, this blog also serves as an outlet to my perspective and observations in everyday life especially human behavior.

Thank you in advance! Visit Flickr or 500px for most recent photographs.

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